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New UTV Drive Belt Replacement 30G3750 For Can-am Maverick 1000 For Commander 800 1000 MAX Outlander L MAX 450 500 570 650 800

New UTV Drive Belt Replacement 30G3750 For Can-am Maverick 1000 For Commander 800 1000 MAX Outlander L MAX 450 500 570 650 800

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Brand Name: KEMiMOTO

Origin: Mainland China

Item Height: 41cm

Item Weight: 0.47kg

Item Diameter: 0inch

Material Type: Neoprene and aramid thread

For ATV Brand/Model: Can-Am

Item Length: 15cm

Special Features: Protector

Item Width: 3.5cm

Model Name: 30G3750

Condition: Brand New

Size: 978*33*15mm

Rally value: 45000N

OE Number: 420280362, 422280360, 715000302, 715900212

Gates Part Number: 30G3750

Fitment: for Can-am Commander Maverick MAX 1000

Fit 2: for Can-am Outlander 1000 450 500 570

Type: Protector the UTV

**Notice: KEMIMOTO parts are not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with the brands its parts fit, including Polaris Industries,BRP, HONDA,YAMAHA.

CVT belts are simple in structure, low in production costs and smooth in gear shifting.
They can keep the engine in a reasonable speed range. It is relatively fuel-efficient, but cannot withstand high torque.
It is generally used in automobiles, tractors, scooters, and snowmobiles, UTV, ATV, etc.
The service life of UTV original belts is about 1000-3000 miles, and the service life of ATV original belts is about 3000-5000 miles.
Water, road dirt, excessive heat, and oil leakage can cause premature belt damage. If the drive belt breaks, it will be impossible to drive the vehicle.


Condition:100% Brand New
Material: Neoprene and aramid thread
Rally value: 45000N
Gates Part Number: 30G3750, 30C3750
OE Number:
420280362, 422280360, 715000302, 715900212, 422280364, 715000302, 422280360, 420280360,


* Made of high-quality neoprene rubber and advanced aramid yarn, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, fire retardant, light weight, high strength, dimensional stability, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and good mechanical properties.

* The double-sided tooth design matches the advanced trapezoidal top-notch and round cog design to maximize heat dissipation and flexibility.

* The nylon cloth inside and outside ensures that the belt can withstand high-strength tension.

* It wears evenly, reduces belt failures, and can provide you with the performance and durability you need even under the most demanding conditions.

* Provides stable RPM when the vehicle is driving at variable speeds.

Fits on

● Compatible with Can-am Commander
Commander 1000 2010-2020
Commander 800 2011-2020
Commander E XT 2014-2015
Commander MAX 1000 DPS 2014-2020
Commander MAX 800 DPS 2016-2020

● Compatible with Can-am Maverick
Maverick 1000 2013-2018
Maverick MAX 1000 2014-2018

● Compatible with Can-am Outlander
Outlander 1000 2012-2020
Outlander 450 DPS 2017
Outlander 500 2013-2015
Outlander 570 2016-2020
Outlander 650 2007-2020
Outlander 800 DPS 2006-2015
Outlander 850 2016-2020
Outlander L 450 DPS 2015-2016
Outlander L 500 2015
Outlander L 570 DPS 2016
Outlander L MAX 450 2015-2016
Outlander L MAX 570 2016
Outlander MAX 1000 2013-2020
Outlander MAX 400 XT 2014
Outlander MAX 500 2007-2015

● Compatible with Can-am Renegade
Renegade 500 2008-2015
Renegade 800 2007-2015
Renegade 570 2016-2019
Renegade 850 2016-2019
Renegade 1000 2012-2019

Package included

1*Drive Belt

Guidelines for the use of new belts (to maximize the service life and improve performance):

Step 1: 25-45 mph (40-72 km/h), Drive the unit in two-wheel high for 20 minutes (Flat terrain works)
Step 2: Vary vehicle speed, normal operational range, don't exceed ¾ throttle during break-in
Ps: cold weather, extend the time by 5-10 minutes
Step 3: let the unit cool down for 30 minutes with the engine OFF
Step 4: repeat 1 time, then cool down again for 30 minutes.

This item is not a licensed Honda/Yamaha/Polaris/Can Am/Kawasaki/CF Moto/BRP product. We do not claim ownership and have no affiliation with Honda/Yamaha/Polaris/Can Am/Kawasaki/CF Moto/BRP. Any Honda/Yamaha/Polaris/Can Am/Kawasaki/CF Moto/BRP copyrights and trademarks belong to the respective owners. Unless specifically identified as such, our use of third party trademarks does not indicate any relationship, sponsorship, or endorsement between us and Honda/Yamaha/Polaris/Can Am/Kawasaki/CF Moto/BRP. Any references by us (or company name) (or the seller) to third party trademarks is to identify the corresponding third party's goods and shall be considered nominative fair use under the trademark law.

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